LANINO Cold Screed Plastic (MMA)

Cold plastic-road paint

 The most durable road marking paint that can be applied without using any sophisticated equipment! 

Lanino Cold Screed Plastic is a chemically cured, MMA, methylmethacralyte, road marking paint which is extremely durable and suitable for use in any area, especially areas with high traffic wear!

LANINO Cold Screed Plastic is a long life, permanent marking, offering superior resistance to wear which can also be sprinkled with reflective glass beads that will result in highly visible markings at night time or in dark areas. Proven during the last 13 years in South Africa on performance contracts like City of Tshwane and SANRAL contracts.  

LANINO Cold Screed Plastic Properties:

  • Application thickness.          
    • 1.5 mm : Low viscosity for normal markings.
    • 3.0 mm : High viscosity for rumble strips and Cosbi blocks.
  • Coverage.           
    • 1.5 liter/m2 or 2.7 kg/m2.
    • 3.0 liter/m2 or 5.4 kg/m2.
  • Surfaces.            
    • Very good bond to most surfaces.
    • Might need a primer on concrete.
  • Curing time.      
    • Average 30 minutes irrespective of thickness.
  • Composition.      
    • MMA, methylmethacralyte, filler, pigment.
  • Glass beads.        
    • Pre-mixed and "drop-on".
  • Climate properties.
    • Application above 5 degrees C.
  • Environment.      
    • Solvent free.
  • Containers.          
    • 5 l and 20 l.
  • Other .                           
    • It is in liquid form and a hardener must be added.



  • Extremely durable.
    • Offer superior resistance to wear.
    • Can last up to 5 years and longer depending on application rate and traffic.
  • Safety.
    • No heat or gas required for application.
  • Easy application.
    • No sophistacated machinery is needed.
    • Can be applied with drawbox, roller or brush.
      • We have a special roller available for even better results.
    • See application instructions below.
  • Reflectivity.
    • Drop on Glass beads provides retro-reflectivity.
    • Long term bead retention.
  • Cost effective.
    • This is the most cost effective option for road marking paint.
      • You don't need sophisticated machinery.
      • You don't have to heat the product.
      • Excellent option for all your signs and symbols.



Traffic Markings
Traffic Markings


Normal road marking paint will start fading within 3-6 months. 


LANINO Cold Screed Plastic will last 5 years and longer, depending on application rate and traffic volumes.

Cold plastic green

 LANINO Cold Screed Plastic Green - Green cycle lanes:

This test section was done in Durban for the Cycle routes.

  • Developed for cycle lanes.
  • Offers long-term colour stability and exceptional wear resistance.


Colours available : Red, yellow, white, green, blue.

Cold plastic colours
Cold plastic road paint

LANINO Cold Screed Plastic RED - BRT lanes.

  • Highly durable Red Route marking system.
  • Can be used for all Bus Rapid Transit Routes.
  • Offers long-term colour stability and exceptional wear resistance on the busiest roads. 


Application in 7 easy steps :


Step 1. Use a broom to clean the area you want to paint thoroughly. All oil, dust and old Thermo-plastic road paint must be removed.

Step 2. Use a chalk and measuring tape to outline the road marking to be painted.

Step 3. Use maskingtape to mark the outline of the paint/ marking, which could be an arrow, stop line or any other design.

Step 4. Pour hardener into LANINO Cold Screed Plastic at a ratio of 100g : 5 liter . Using a mixing stick, mix the two components thoroughly for approximately 60 seconds.

Step 5. Pour LANINO Cold Screed Plastic  onto the surface. Take care not to pour the product outside the maskingtape edges. Use a aluminium splinded roller or trowel to distribute the paint evenly. Ensure that the whole area is covered (1.5-3mm thick). Once finished, clean equipment with toluene. Do not add thinners to the paint as it will contaminate the paint.

Step 6. For retro-reflectivity, apply glass beads to the wet painted surface.

Step 7. Allow paint to cure for +/- 8 minutes. Carefully remove maskingtape. Allow to cure for +/- 30 minutes before opening to traffic. Drying time is influenced by road temperature and amount of hardener added.