List of Published standards:

Report date: 2013-10-24


Comittee     SANS                   Title

Number       Number

 035-02               SANS 731-1:2013             Road markings part 1: Single-pack Solvent borne paints.


                           SANS 731-2:2006             Road markings part 2: Single pack Waterborne paints.


                           SANS 6261:2008              Paints and varnishes- Determination of coefficient of retro-reflective

                                                                    luminance by means of a portable retro-reflecto meter.    


                           SANS 51424:1997/           Road marking materials-Drop on materials- Glass beads, antiskid

                           EN 1424:1997                  aggregates and mixtures of the two road marking materials -

                           IDT, ED.1                          Pre-mixed glass beads.