LANINO Thermo-Plastic road marking paint.

Thermo-plastic road paint

 Highly durable Thermo-Plastic road paint with superior elasticity, glass bead retention and less dirt pick-up.

A hot-applied road marking paint containing pre-mixed glass beads for highly retro-reflective road markings for long-term performance. LANINO Thermo-Plastic road paint was developed in South Africa for South African road and climate conditions to comply with the strictest performance contract requirements. LANINO Thermo-Plastic road paint is the ideal road marking paint to miminise traffic disruptions and prevent vehicle tracks as a result of its quick drying time.


LANINO Thermo-plastic properties.

  • Application.       
    • Require professional equipment.
    • Spray, screed, extrude.
    • Application between 200 C to 220 C.
  • Thickness.          
    • 1.2 mm Spray - 3mm Extrude.
  • Coverage.          
    • 1.2 mm = 2.4kg / m2.
    • 3.0 mm = 6.0kg / m2.
  • Surfaces.            
    • Melts into the upper surface, forming a thermal bond.
    • When applying to concrete, a primer is recommended. 
  • Curing time.      
    • Dries as it cools down within 2-4 minutes depending on road temprature.
  • Composition.     
    • Glass beads, binder, pigments, filler.
  • Glass beads.     
    • 20% and 30% mixtures.
  • Durability.        
    • 3 years and longer, depending on application rate and traffic volume.
    • Extremely durable material with less dirt pick up.
  • Climate.
    • Application above 10 degrees C.
  • Environment. 
    • Lead free pigments used in formulation.
    • Solvent free.
  • Bags.                
    • 25 kg and 600 kg bags.



  • Very durable.
    • Good resistance to wear and high traffic.
    • Will last three to four times longer than normal road paint.
  • Fast drying time.
    • 2-4 minutes, depending on the road surface temprature.
    • Minimum traffic disruption.
    • Prevent vehicle tracks.
    • Mimimal coning.
    • Increased worker and public safety.
    • Less dirt pick-up.
  • Easy maintenance.
    • Can apply over existing road paint.
  • Retro-reflectivity.
    • Can produce very high retro-reflective values.
    • Good adhesion of glass beads.
    • Retro-reflectivity throughout the lifespan of the marking due to pre-mixed glass beads.
  • Environmental
    • Lead free pigments.
    • Solvent free.