LANINO Waterborne road marking paint. 

Waterborne road paint

A very durable, thin layer, quick dry road marking paint, suitable for all purpose and large area road markings.

LANINO Waterborne road paint is a durable, quick dry, 100% acrylic road marking paint applied by standard road marking equipment. LANINO Waterborne road paint offers double the life of alkyd based solvent paints. LANINO Waterborne road paint offers superior glass bead retention retaining retro-reflectivity for longer. LANINO Waterborne road paint is successfully used on low to high traffic volumes.

Technical information: 

  • Application.     
    • Spray.
  • Coverage.        
    • 0.42 l/m2 wet.
  • Surface.           
    • Excellent adhesion to most road surfaces.
  • Curing time.     
    • Within 10 minutes,depending on surface temprature, application rate and humidity.
  • Composition.    
    • Pigment, acrylic binders and fillers.
  • Glass beads.    
    • Retro-reflective "Drop-on" glass beads to be applied.
    • Contains no pre-mixed glass beads.
  • Durability.      
    • Good flexibility with double the life of standard maintenance paint.
  • Climate properties.
    • Application temprature above 10C.
    • Humidity less than 80 %.
  • Environment. 
    • Solvent FREE.
  • Colours available.
    • White, yellow, black, red, green and blue
  • Sizes.               
    • 5l , 20 l , 200 l

Other features: 

  • Very durable thin layer road paint.
    • Will last twice as long as alkyd based solvent road paints.
  • Good flexibility / elasticity.
    • Results in less cracking.
    • Beacause of this feature, waterborne paint is successfully used at airports where they make use of large area markings. 
  • Safety.
    • Fast drying time.
    • less traffic disruptions - increased worker safety, increased public safety.
    • Minimal coning.
    • No Solvent emmisions.
  • Fast drying.
    • Dries within 10 minutes, depending on surface temprature, application rate and humidity.
  • Retro-reflectivity.
    • Superior glass bead retention. Retain retro-reflectivity for longer