LANINO Acrylic Solvent Road Paint 

Solvent road paint

 The superior road paint choice for high humidity conditions.

Acrylic based, Solvent road paint can be applied by standard road marking equipment and offers a longer life than standard alkyd based solvent road paints. LANINO Acrylic Solvent road paint adheres well to most road surfaces such as asphalt, concrete and paving blocks. It also offers the potential to provide high retro-reflectivity. 


  • Application.    
    • Spray.
  • Thickness.        
    • 0.3 mm dry.
  • Coverage.        
    • 0.42 l/m2 wet.
  • Surfaces.          
    • Adheres well to asphalt, concrete ,paving blocks.
  • Composition.   
    • Pigments, acrylic resin and filler.
  • Glass beads.    
    • Contains no pre-mixed glass beads.
  • Climate.           
    • Apply above 5C.
    • Can be applied in areas with high humidity. 
  • Drying time.     
    • 30 - 45 min to allow proper bead embedment.
  • Colours           
    • White, yellow, red, black, green and blue.
  • Containers      
    • 5 l, 20 l, 200 l

LANINO Acrylic Solvent High Gloss

This product is recommended for parking lots. It is an acrylic gloss paint, therefore it stays cleaner for longer than normal road marking paints.