LANINO Acrylic Solvent Road Marking Paint.

Solvent road paint

 Acrylic solvent road marking paint.

Methacrylatebased, Solvent road marking paint can be applied by standard road marking equipment and offers a longer life than standard alkyd based solvent road marking paint. It also offers the potential to provide high retro-reflectivity. 


  • The normal application rate is 0,42 l/m2 wet.      
  • The acrylic binder offer excellent glass bead retention.       .
  • The acrylic binder adheres well to most road surfaces like asphalt, concrete and paving blocks.
  • Formulations available:     
    • Spray formulation.
    • Roller application.
  • To acquire retro-reflection (night time visibility) glass beads must be applied on top of the wet paint.
  • Colours           
    • White, yellow, red, black, green and blue. 
    • Other colours can be made on special request.
  • Containers available in:      
    • 5 l, 20 l, 200 l